Mexican nachos with beans, jalapeño chilli, guacamole and cream


Welcome to Tlaquesalsa – where every dish is a celebration of authentic Mexican flavors! Born in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, our owner, José de Jesus Renteria Rios, discovered his talent for crafting exquisite salsas at a young age, learning the art alongside his Abuelita.

2 al pastor tacos with cream and coriander tacos

Friendly Staff

Our family-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff make us the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a meal.

Qualty Ingredients

All of our ingredients are fresh and high-quality to make the most delicious Mexican dishes in town.

Authentic Recipes

We are proud to serve the traditional flavors of Mexican cooking with authentic recipes.

vibrant tastes of Mexico

Today, Tlaquesalsa proudly brings the rich tapestry of Mexican cuisine to Colorado, serving up fresh and vibrant dishes that pay homage to our abuela's kitchen in picturesque Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

Mexican tacos with Lime

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